A Pune based Connected Consumer Product Startup.


A suite of self learning Connected & Smart Consumer Product backed by AI with full compatibility with existing ecosystem.

Voice Activated

Get in action with your natural voice.

Self Learning

Provide you a personalised experience.

Always Connected

Always in your control even remotely.

Fully Compatible

Easily integrates with existing ecosystem.

Future Ready

Latest and upgradable component.

Much More

More capabilities getting added.

What we offer

To nurture our product funding needs we also provide design and development consultancy to our partners.

App Development

We offer development expertise across Android, iOS and Cross-platform Mobile technologies.


Quickly test your dream product ideas with us. We will build for you even logic board too.

Digital Shift

We believe that digital is a part of our lives already and it need to be integrate into people’s lives.

Dev & Cloud Ops

Planning a Cloud Shift, let us take your overhead and help you to setup your infrastructure for you.

Digital Strategy

We provide consultancy to our partners across their choice of services.

Graphic Design

Art with purpose and design with deep understanding for best user experience.

Why Choose Us

We build immersive experiences that help your brand connect with your customers and community. We help you generate more profits or reduce costs through our technology and products while making it easier for your customers to connect and do business with you..